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With social media

The first tips you can do in digital marketing is to use social media. This method is quite effective for every business. Why? because most people now have social media. Many things you want to get and share from the social media they have. Not only that, the media is also used as a means of communication or interacting with others. Some kinds of social media such as; Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. By utilizing the media, business marketing can directly target the consumers.


With video publication

Apart from social media, you can also use video publications. Video content is indeed quite large, but it also proves to be effective for marketing, especially for those of you who use the digital world. With video, the product or service being marketed will be displayed in more detail and the product description is also clearer. After that, you can upload the video on social media as explained above.


Website or blog

Other tips for marketing via digital can be done by writing on a website or blog. You can publish products or services there. Make an attractive website and according to the type of business you have. That way, the community will also be interested in opening it. With a website, the information provided can also be more detailed even if not face to face with consumers. Not only the website is made interesting, but the content of the website must also be unique so that it attracts consumers to read it.


The website must be Google's top rank

Not only creating a website, but the website is also sought to be in the first rank of Google. That way, many visitors will come to your website. Not only that, this also signifies your professionalism. To make your website ranked first is not an easy thing.


Know who your target customers are!

The next tip for marketing a product or service is to recognize the target consumers first. In an era that has been completely digital like today, people are very familiar with the internet. For this reason, the target consumers need to be determined more specifically so that they are more effective. In this case, you need to do a survey first through the existing online site. With the survey, you can find out what consumers are most interested in, the things that are most needed, etc. Not only that, by getting to know the target consumers, the products or services that you will market can also be more specific and focused.


With the chat application

In addition to some of the things mentioned above, another thing you can do to do digital marketing is by chat application. Examples such as; Line, BBM, Whatsapp, etc. It also offers convenience to consumers and does not need to be complicated with prepaid SMS. This method has also been done by many entrepreneurs in conducting online marketing. With chat, the products or services of your company can also be promoted well, easily and effectively.


Recognizing consumer needs

For this point a little has been explained earlier. So, in doing marketing not only know who your customers are, but also recognize the variety of their needs. Parents' needs are certainly different from those of teenagers so you have to be more selective in choosing products. Adjust to your needs. By knowing your needs, you can also predict what products will be produced, goods to sell, and items that are in demand in the market. If you sell or promote products that are not needed by consumers, it only causes losses to your company.


Make a promotion plan

A good promotion plan is needed to do good marketing and produce. In this case, you can plan with marketing staff or developers who are reliable in their fields. Thus, your product will be more easily and quickly popular among the public. Not only that, promotion must also be carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible in its implementation. Make it easy for consumers to remember your product and are curious to buy it.


After sales service

What is after sales service? this is a form of service that can be done after consumers make purchases of both goods and services. In this case, you can contact consumers after buying your product, for example related to opinions, satisfaction or disturbances that occur. You can also ask for criticism and suggestions for further better service.


The word closing must be precise and interesting

Not only is the opening word important, but the closing word is also very important. In the closing words related to consumer decisions whether they still want to buy or not your product. The closing word is not right, especially cornering the reader is certainly not memorable in the reader's heart. It is better to give closing words that invite and are positive so that it attracts the reader.


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