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Don't Sell Online! But Get Online Your Business

When we think of an online business, the implication is that we can get income from online and the internet. There are several popular businesses that you might already know like:


Affiliate, Dropshiper, Reseller, Amazon, Adsense, Content Writer and Freelancer

There is something wrong when we think it is an "online business" wrong is:


We become thinking that from online and the internet we can make money, even though it can be said to be incorrect.


Money is actually the result of people who buy something through a dropshiper or affiliater or use the services of freelancers, it's just that the media or tools are by way of online so-called "online business"


Suppose we are a business as a Dropshiper

Dropshiper is a business marketing other people's products without capital and stock, where we will get a profit percentage from the difference in selling prices.


Our task of language used to be a "broker" who tried to sell other people's goods and get a profit of a few percent or the difference in selling prices. This means that the business is an intermediary for buying and selling.


Then because it is now online, it can use any online media, even if without being able to sell to friends online by direct means, it is also called the dropshiper.


Determine what the business was, using new online media

Don't be inverse to thinking that online is a business.


For example, there are laying hens and egg suppliers. Then he uses online media to sell his egg products, can use a website or social media.


There is another example, a person who makes designs, then he sells services as a designer with the help of websites or Instagram


Do you already know how to use Instagram for business?

All Businesses Can Be Online, But Online Business Is Not Sure Right

It is our hope that the Indonesian people are more mature and smarter about how to understand the development of digital technology.


Those of you who think you have a website, have an online store, sell on Instagram can get money. Not at all that easy, which is why we help explain this.


There are indeed online businesses such as Forex Trading, Stock Trading and even Cryptocurency. But the problem is that many are mistaken for producing money coffers, trading is a business that requires high knowledge, very few people are able to understand trading analysis and can handle it.


If you want to jump in, you should really study seriously

With enough knowledge so that you do not lose and feel cheated by online business invitations.


The conclusion
We better determine a business that we already understand, we understand and then online media is a means to increase the marketing of our business


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