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Optimizing Content, Check the Following Steps

1. Create the main title. Write down at least one initial idea for what and the title for the content to be created. Knowing the title before you start writing will help you stay on topic and consistently convey what you write in the title.


2. Identify your audience. Determine exactly who the target audience will be to read your content. If you don't know your audience, use the buyer's persona template to begin describing your ideal reader.


3. Know Your Goals. All digital content must be created by considering a marketing plan. So, one of the main things to write content is to identify the top targets for marketing your blog (for example, Building Brand Awarness, Catching Email Customers, improving SEO, etc.)


4. Set one main keyword. Use tools to identify the best keywords that will be used for content. Keywords must accurately represent the topic and become the top keywords for your industry. The keywords used must be relatively popular and have keyword difficulties that allow you to get high rankings.


5. Use the main keywords in the title. Return to your title and make sure the main keyword is used in the title.

6. Set a number of secondary keywords. Make a strong keyword list to write content and include steps to find related keywords to use in your content. Choose three or four secondary keywords related to the keyword's main target content.

7. Write 300 words. Write as many words as you need to cover the topic completely, and as a best practice, write more than 300 words to show on the search engine that your content is a comprehensive source.


8. Add value. When you write content, provide details, facts, statistics, news, and information that is valuable and useful to the speaker.


9. Show, Don't notify. An important part of this point for content writing is to use examples that help your audience understand and absorb the message you are trying to share.

Use active sentences. If you use sound on content, then create interesting content using active sentences. Avoid passive sentences, because it will make the content look boring or boring.


10. Write for eighth grade reading. While the quality of the writing must be high and keep it simple. Don't use sentence structures or terminology that is too complex which results in losing readers!


11. Don't steal content. The content you create must always be original and never copied from other websites. Plagiarism from other sites will be punished with search penalties.


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