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How do you make money from a blog?

Start a blog
To get money from a blog, of course you need to have a blog. Although quite clear, this step is also a barrier for most novice bloggers who have little or no technical background.


Start creating useful content
Not a blog if it's without content, so after you have a blog, you need to focus your attention on creating useful content. Your choice will depend on the topic you choose to write. Our information about writing on blogs can be useful for you.


Find readers
When you create useful content, sometimes you just focus and spend a lot of time building a blog. If you want to make money from a blog, you not only need to focus on building a good blog, but also start promoting it.


Build closeness with the readers who come
When you focus on creating content and finding readers for blogs, you begin to see visitors coming to your blog and enjoying the content you make. At this point you need to change the focus to approach the reader and build a community.


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